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About IntaCapital Swiss, Banks and Bank Guarantee

About IntaCapital Swiss, Banks and Bank Guarantee

IntaCapital Swiss, is the forerunner of the Collateral Transfer Facility, which has been copied unsuccessfully by other boutique finance houses. Utilising Demand Bank Guarantees, IntaCapital Swiss can provide capital injection, loans and lines of credit, referred to as Credit Guarantee Facilities, for those companies struggling to obtain loans and lines of credit.

The Collateral Transfer Facility utilises the services of a number of banks, The Issuing and Correspondent Banks, (Issuers of Bank Guarantees), and the Receiving Bank, that applies the Bank Guarantee to their clients account, the Beneficiary.

To obtain Credit Guarantee Facilities, the Beneficiary must present the Bank Guarantee to their bank for scrutiny and approval. As has been the case in the past, Receiving Banks have declined credit applications for a number of reasons the main ones being, the Issuing Banks credit rating is not strong enough, credit and compliance regulations, the relationship between the bank and their client, the Beneficiary, and lack of trading on the Beneficiary’s account. The Receiving Bank, has also been known for compliance reasons to reject the application by the beneficiary to receive a Bank Guarantee on their account.

IntaCapital Swiss has developed a unique Banking Product and in conjunction with the Collateral Transfer Facility combine to produce unrivalled access to Credit Guarantee Facilities as outlined below,

  1. Open a Corporate Account at an Investment Grade Bank.
  2. Provide an Electronic Safe Custody Account to receive a Bank Guarantee.
  3. Arrange loans and credit lines through third party lenders via the Collateral Transfer Facility
  4. All the above subject to due diligence.

IntaCapital Swiss through their Banking Package and Collateral Transfer Facility, have produced a product that not only solves a company’s credit issues, but also provides a banking platform, and confirms why they are capturing more and more business from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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