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The Majority of our Clients

The Majority of our Clients

With mid-sized companies, mortgage brokers, large corporate clients, institutional clients and international trade financiers being favoured more and more by banks and lending institutions, accessing credit by companies not falling into the above categories is becoming more and more difficult. At IntaCapital Swiss, we cater for these companies by offering our Collateral Transfer Facility. We allow you to access Bank Guarantees which can be applied to your bank account, thus enabling you to request a line of credit from your bankers.

Currently we have many clients using our Collateral Transfer Facility, and once the Bank Guarantee has been received on their bank account, they now have the requisite Collateral to apply for a line of credit. Bankers are usually vey obliging in granting a line of credit against a Bank Guarantee. However, sometimes due to relationship problems between the bank and their client a line of credit application can be rejected.

At IntaCapital Swiss we stand by our clients. In the event of a credit line refusal by our client’s bankers, IntaCapital Swiss have the knowledge and expertise to make available a line of credit to their client against the Bank Guarantee held on their account at their bank.

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